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Exciting Updates from Truventure!


Truventure: Strategy for Wildly Successful Living

The latest collaboration from Mark Modjeska & Angela Owen is four books in one:

  • Truventure: The True You:
    Unwraps 5 prerequisite principles that are the lens needed to right align with my Tree Quest and the content you need to imbed in the fabric of your character.
  • Truventure: Strategic Intentionality for a lifestyle of Connected Integrity:
    Provides 6 tractive vehicles to align with The True Quest.
  • Truventure: Smart Strategy on One Page:
    Culminates in a Smart Strategic Pyramid for an examined life well lived.
  • Truventure: Traction Workbook:
    Engages the One Who Knows to hear His voice and Truventure with Him.

The book will be available soon, coupled with the release of a beautiful new website! Stay connected with us through our social media outlets:

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Trek Groups

Study the essence of what works in business and life and contend for one another’s highest good until it becomes a present day reality.


Strategic Summits

Unwrap the unique design of you and the essentials to make your business wildly successful.


Tractive Consulting

Land the vision of you and your business being wildly successful supported by experts in business, breakthroughs, and fitness.