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I am writing on a plane now flying to Houston and then on to the Caribbean. Tough life I know right. I think I am a good traveler but I have some friends that are master travelers. My wife says we travel well because we are organized and I told her that God favors the prepared. Traveling can be fun but it can also be tiresome. That is where the prepared comes in because even though I generally like surprises, while traveling surprises are inherently bad. So how do we enjoy the journey. I believe it comes down to basics – meet the immediate needs that include: food, hydration and the opposite (where is the next bathroom I have to go now) and sleep. Meet the needs and the trip will go well. Just like everything else a positive outlook is priceless, even when the plane is jumping around all over the damn place. I keep telling myself more people die in car accidents while in flight and thank God I am not flying while in the car. It works for me.
One of the great things about travel is that it removes the filters that people install in their every day life. It takes you out of your pattern and forces you to do new things. New things are what makes us grow as people.
Remember time is all you really own in your life so I would choose travel over a new possession. Close your eyes and picture the places that make you the happiest. Mine include my everyday places that i go and cool places I have been. The best are cool places I have taken my family. Especially when a family member dies you still have the memories and pictures that become priceless from the journeys you took together. 
Do not get me wrong my favorite place on earth is my home when all the family is there, but getting out in the world is always on my GoDoBe list. Here is a starter list:
  • Eat at a new restaurant in your area
  • Go to a new place in your area
  • Let recreation take you someplace new
  • Explore your own state
  • Go to someplace warm
  • Fly to a domestic destination you have wanted to visit
  • Go on a cruise or to an all inclusive resort
  • Go to another country
  • Ask your family where they would like to go – Have you been to Disney world
The bottom line for my life is that when I ask myself if I am well traveled that the answer be yes.

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