Grace: Resting as a Lifestyle

We invite you to step into a Truventure journey as we share short excerpts from our new book, “Truventure: Strategy for Wildly Successful Living.” It is our hope that you might be inspired to prayerfully embark on your own personal quest.

From Chapter 1: Grace: Resting as a Lifestyle

My Truventure pursuit is highly intentional, but my intentionality must be grace-based in order to accurately align with God. My intentionality must ride entirely on what He has done, and on what He will continue to accomplish. I enter into resting as a lifestyle when I move from summoning my wisdom and power, to allowing Jesus’s wisdom and power to live through me. Truventure leaves behind what I produce in my strength to discover what the Gardener wants to produce through me. I intentionally yield as He prunes self-reliant effort. Truventure applies grace based, strategic intentionality to life with a Truventurepact—everything by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, resting in Jesus living His life in and through me.

One can know and even believe what God says about grace yet live trying to earn God’s acceptance. Quiet your heart before God and ask Him to show you an example of a time you attempted to earn His favor in place of simply receiving His love in grace.  (For example, After I failed God, I didn’t ask Him for anything for a while.)

We challenge you to embrace the full measure of grace in your life and reciprocate God’s love to others as you continue on your own Truventure

Carpe diem stratégique!

Mark Modjeska & Angela Owen