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Strategy for Wildly
Successful Living

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Could a God-centered, personalized, simple approach work for you?  Explore Truventure: Strategy for Wildly Successful Living.  

Truventure Book 

Trek Groups

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Are you thriving?  Join or start a Trek Group to help one another gain greater insight and better implement Truventure.   

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Strategic Summit

A focused, four-day session

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Do you know what you, your business and/or your ministry look like wildly successful and how to make it a reality?  A Strategic Summit delivers a personalized, clear strategic plan on 1 page that resonates with the true you per God's plan.  

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Tractive Consulting

Contending for your highest good

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Since Truventure contends for your highest good until it becomes a present-day reality, we have breakthrough experts, dedicated prayer warriors, life, business, and ministry experts for additional consulting on an ad hoc basis. Our objective is to most expeditiously get you where you want to go while learning how to wisely address tough decisions with grace and truth. 

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Truventure Books

Strategy for Wildly Successful Living

Truventure is for those in wholehearted pursuit of closer intimacy and deepening surrender with God. It is for this wanting a straightforward way to apply strategy to what they care about most––their life and life's work.

Truventure Book

Trek Groups

Learning and Venturing Together

Trek groups leverage meaningful exchange of a book-oriented mastermind group to gain greater insight and better implement Truventure. We invite you to start your own by inviting others to go through Truventure with you chapter by chapter, discussing the Traction Questions at the end of each chapter. While not necessary, we also invite you to hire an approved Truventure facilitator to maximize what each participant gains from each chapter.

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Strategic Summits

Focusing on your life, business, and ministry in a multi-day session

The Strategic Summit, a focused multi-day session, leverages the expertise of approved Truventure facilitators, breakthrough, business and ministry experts, and dedicated prayer warriors to develop a personalized Strategic Pyramid for life, business and/or ministry.

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Tractive Consulting

Contending for your highest good with life, ministry and business experts

Business, life, and ministry experts, dedicated prayer warriors, and breakthrough coaches tractively get you where you want to go.

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You are eternally significant, worthy of strategic intentionality!

You are vitally important to the One who designed and created you. Where would you like to see yourself today in the Truvenure path?


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