Trek Groups

Gain greater insight and better implement Truventure

Trek groups leverage meaningful exchange of a book-oriented mastermind group to gain greater insight and better implement Truventure. We invite you to start your own by inviting others to go through Truventure with you chapter by chapter, discussing the Traction Questions at the end of each chapter. While not necessary, we also invite you to hire an approved Truventure facilitator to maximize what each participant gains from each chapter.


Focus on the essence of what works


Take truths deeper


Deliver target clarity & tractive execution

Join a Book Trek Group

Join a mastermind community to study, discuss & apply the book, Truventure: Strategy for Wildly Successful Living. 

If you are interested in starting or joining a trek group, please reach out to the Truventure team by emailing Angela at

You can start one on your own, or hire a trained facilitator to guide your group.

Let us help you get started today!

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