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Short excerpts from the co-authors of Truventure.

Victorious – In Advance!

How can I be victorious while things are not currently panning out for me? In ...
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My Truventure journeys with my True Quest, His way.

This means that I pursue connected integrity of every aspect of me with every aspect ...
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Truventure – The True You

God created each of us as a unique person. This means more than having a ...
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Truventure – Mind and Spirit

When I fully rest in Christ’s provision, fully surrender to His ownership, and fully commit ...
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Truventure – Truth and Lies

As we pursue a strategically aligned life with our Creator, we embrace His grace and ...
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Truventure – Lordship: A Lifestyle Yielded to my True Owner

In my pursuit of a strategically aligned life with my Creator, I want to see ...
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