Truventure – Mind and Spirit

When I fully rest in Christ’s provision, fully surrender to His ownership, and fully commit to differentiating between truth and lies, I am positioning myself for intimacy with the Lover of my soul. This most intimate of relationships works as long as I am candid with the One who knows everything anyway. By His very nature, God is personal and He communicates personally. “Mind and Spirit” explores how to engage in two-way communication with the Master of the Universe. For me, the pursuit of a strategically aligned life with my Creator is accomplished by intentionally addressing every aspect of life in the context of asking the One Who Knows, discussing it with Him, and following His lead. Consequently, another Prerequisite Principle of my Truventure is a lifestyle of engaging my mind with the mind of Christ and my spirit with the Holy Spirit.


Essentials for Spirit-led Strategy Development

There are three things I keep in mind as I practice a lifestyle of a branch in the Vine, as I co-strategize with Jesus, as I Truventure with the One who is my True Quest.

  1. Remain in dependent, humble submission to His agenda—no matter what.
  2. Seek to understand His perspective—everything from His perspective.
  3. God is interested in relational, progressive revelation of truths originating from His nature—not merely handing over requisite information.

This branch in the Vine lifestyle is not merely thinking and then taking the ideas to Him. Rather it is thinking, doing—everything in the context of simultaneously asking Him, What do You think about this? Everything means every thing because “In Him we live and move and exist.”[1] This is not a platitude; rather it is how we are to live every aspect of life. It is where the rubber meets the road. Truventure happens in the context of continually asking my Master Instructor, Is this right?

Think about decisions that you’ve made recently…places you’ve gone…things that you’ve said and done. Have you at any point leaned on your own understanding rather than His? Ask Him to show you where your self-dependence superseded total dependence upon Him.


Carpe diem stratégique!

Mark Modjeska and Angela Owen