Journeying Council

Community committed to successfully landing vision

What is a Truventure Journeying Council?

Members of a Truventure Journeying Council collectively benefit by coming together to land their vision with the support of a like-minded, like-hearted community.  The purpose is to help each member to hear the voice of God, think strategically, eliminate barriers, and maximize his/her life, business, and ministry.


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What Makes a Journeying Council Different?

Our preeminent purpose for gathering in a Truventure Journeying Council is to help one another land each members' vision (period, full stop).

  • We see each member's Strategic Pyramid as the essence of that member being put in his or her world for God's grand plan.
  • We focus on landing each member's vision with strategic intentionality, leveraging the power of community.
  • We excitedly expect God to work through each member for what God wants to do in that member's sphere of influence.
  • We are changing our inner worlds, our respective worlds, and the entire world!

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