What's New from Truventure

Create a Smart Strategic Pyramid with the Strategic Pyramid Web-Based App

Create Strategy on One Page, complete with vision, opportunity, strategies to land your vision and tactics to land each strategy. But wait there’s more! Make it smart with target and actual metrics, color code it so you quickly see how you are doing in real time. 

Imagine you, your business, or whatever you care about wildly successful. The Strategic Pyramid App facilitates you discovering your vision, seizing your opportunity, and identifying strategies essential to land your vision.

Discover the vision you were uniquely designed to land. Unleash the opportunity worth your life. It’s your life, it’s your business, its what you care about; isn’t it worth being intentionally strategic about?

My Truventure journeys with my True Quest, His way.

This means that I pursue connected integrity of every aspect of me with every aspect of Truth. How do you measure something this extensive? Easily! One way is that I check the barometer of my attitude.

Attitude is expectation. Expectation is faith. Attitude reveals what I believe in the moment. Attitude reveals real time faith. I check what my attitude barometer indicates of my real time faith in action.

Problem storms draw near. Does my faith surrender to the storm or the One who calms the storm? Does my faith succumb to seen problems or unseen solution, backed by the full faith and credit of my Creator? 

The key is attitude, not merely saying problems are opportunities but the fundamental expectation that with God every problem is an opportunity to trust, grow into, learn from, and journey with the Lover of my soul, my True Quest. 

Mark Modjeska

Official Truventure Book Launch

We are excited to announce that Truventure:  Strategy for Wildly Successful Living is now available on Amazon.com! The journey of authoring and publishing a book has been tremendous, and we are ecstatic to reach this milestone.  Comments from early readers have blessed us immensely, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback about our inaugural book!

To celebrate the publication of the book, we will be hosting an official online Book Launch Party on April 24 from 6-9 pm EDT.  Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we pull back the curtain for a behind-the-scenes look at our book writing journey, discuss insights from various chapters of the book, share vignettes from our personal Truventure stories, and ultimately celebrate and praise the Great Adventurer Himself!