Tractive Consulting

Contending for your highest good

Because Truventure contends for your highest good until it becomes a present-day reality, our breakthrough, business & ministry experts are available to provide additional consulting customized to fit your needs. Our objective is to most expeditiously get you where you want to go while modeling how to wisely address tough decisions with truth and grace.


Learn how to get answers to your most difficult questions from the One who knows. Break through constraints & solve real-life business problems.


Experience the phenomenal impact of dedicated prayer support. Become a better leader & maximize your personal effectiveness.


Receive what you need--nothing more, nothing less. Develop exceptional work processes & optimize your organizational effectiveness.

Employ a High Powered Board of Experts

Bring your biggest problems to experienced experts who are unified in their dedication to seeing your highest good fulfilled. Experts model how to wisely solve your problems by practicing hearing the voice of the One who knows the answers and want to share it with you.

Tractive Consulting

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Breakthrough Experts

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Executive Coaching

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