Why I became a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”

I type these words from my makeshift office in the living room of my childhood home.  My father is in his 11th year of battling Parkinson’s Disease, and my mother had hip replacement surgery last week.  I have temporarily moved back into their home to support them as my mom heals from her surgery and my father faces the daily challenges that PD offers.

I am doing exactly what I had in mind when, seven years ago, I chose to leave the “safety net” of a successful career in corporate America and return home to my small community of Balsam Grove, NC.  Not only did I need to get closer physically to my parents to help them, but I also needed to establish a career that afforded the flexibility necessary to be available for them in times like these.  I was in search of something that offered the lifestyle of being here for my family.  Hence, the launch of my first business venture – TBL Leadership Partners.

Yes, I am a lifestyle entrepreneur.  It can be scary…the paychecks aren’t as steady as they were when I was with P&G. It can be overwhelming…so many responsibilities to carry, ideas to explore, decisions to make.  And it can be downright frustrating…waiting for clients to pay, having deals fall through at the last minute, and sorting through the endless priorities of what to do next.

BUT it is also exhilarating, rewarding, and extraordinarily fulfilling.  Since taking this step of faith, I’ve worked with clients from coast to coast in the United States and in cities around the world.  I’ve experienced the thrill of helping people and organizations be better leaders and achieve success.  I’ve met people and made friends from all corners of the globe.   I’ve had the joy and privilege of serving alongside local city and county leaders to make this beautiful part of the world even better.  And I’ve treasured the chance to be available to support and enjoy my family and friends in ways that corporate America simply did not allow.  Many amazing doors have opened since I chose to step out on faith and come home.

I believe that there are countless others who like me have something compelling them to make a career change.  Maybe, like me, it is a longing to be closer to family.  Perhaps, it is a dream of living somewhere that you can fly fish everyday.  Maybe you want to travel and see the world.  Perhaps you just want to slow down and escape the rat race of the busy city and settle.  Or maybe you have a burning desire to help others via your business idea.

Whatever your “why”, if you are an aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur with a dream you’d like to chase… OR if you are already an entrepreneur who could use a boost, you want to check out TRUVENTURE, a business focused on Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.  TRUVENTURE is launching a conference at the end of May in beautiful Brevard, NC where attendees will have a chance to explore their inner dreams, actively work on their own businesses with the support of experienced coaches, craft a simple yet powerful strategic plan for their business, hear from others who are already living the dream, and draw inspiration from the outdoor wonder and beauty in The Land of Waterfalls.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to discover your inner path to success.  Check it out and register today!

I came back home and discovered the world, including the world in my own back yard.
– Angela Owen