Truventure – Applying Strategy to Your Life and Your Life’s Work

Truventure—short for true adventure—ventures with Truth to align with Him. It is for those in wholehearted pursuit of closer intimacy and deepening alignment with God authentic. Truventure captures what worked for me when I applied strategy to life, business, and ministry. It is for those wanting a straightforward way to apply strategy to what they care about most—their life and their life’s work. During the past decade a wide spectrum of people implemented the content of Truventure, proving the effectiveness of its God-centered, personalized, simple approach for a diverse range of individuals and organizations.

Truventure aligns lifestyle to belief in three parts. Prerequisite Principles provides lenses to adjust from man’s perspective to God’s, sans filters and biases. Strategic Intentionality asks if every aspect of life accurately aligns with every aspect of truth, and provides vehicles of strategic intentionality to close the gaps. The Strategic Pyramid contains vision, passion, opportunity, strategies, and definitive steps to land the vision—all on one page.

Strategy determines the preferred path to get to a desired destination. Truventure determines the desired destination by asking the Master Artist to unveil His rendering of the true you being wildly successful per His grand plan. He invites you into a Spirit-led quest to discover His personalized, preferred path to land the vision of what you care about most. Truventure invites you seize the day, strategically.

Carpe diem stratégique!